Development Blog #1 – Announcing Super Street: The Game!

What an amazing week! We finally had the sweet delight to reveal that we’re working on the first official Super Street game! Super Street: The Game will be hitting the roads in 2018 and it’ll make its way to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. The game will strive to bring the best of the classic arcade racing genre back to this age and transform this into a whole new action-packed street racer. To give you guys a first flavor of what you actually can expect, today we’ll share a first sneak peek:

In the shot above you can see an authentic Brembo carbon ceramic brake disc. Of course, in the game it will take a while before you can get this high-end upgrade. You’ll first have to start out with a couple of old rusty brake discs – like you can see in the back – until you’ve earned enough money. This brake is just one of the many authentic car parts in the game you’ll be able to collect and use to tune your car. Just like in reality, you will have to focus on upgrading and customizing your ride: part for part. From rims, to body kits or even your engine! Until, of course, in the end you’ll be able to build your ultimate, personalized dream car. Isn’t that just a tuner’s dream?

Another thing that we loved to see, was how multiple streamers immediately shared their enthusiasm for our upcoming game. Tomcat was the first to post a video in which he shared his early theories on Super Street: The Game. He was quickly followed by TheSLAPTrain who shared his thoughts as well on our upcoming game. Thanks guys for all the positivity!

Of course, this is all just the beginning! In the following weeks we’ll keep updating you and we can’t wait to tell you what’s more to come, so stay tuned because we will be revealing a lót all the way up to the launch! Stay up to speed and follow Super Street: The Game on Instagram and Twitter, like us on Facebook, and visit the official website! Also: don’t hesitate to ask us your questions!

Valentijn van der Lende
25 nov 2017