Get The December Update for Super Street: The Game Now

Get ready to tear up the streets once more! As from today you can download the December update for Super Street: The Game! We bring you a brand-new supercar, an extra event and several more improvements to get you through the cold winter days. We all hope you will love these new additions.

You can find the complete update list below:

New features
* Brand-new K&N supercar
* All-new event with 5 races
* New car parts for specific cars

Gameplay adjustments
* Modified AI behavior
* Improvement of sound effects
* Improved visuals for various locations
* Minor bug fixes

Big Christmas Promotion
Next to the release of the December update, we’re excited to share some other big news! As a special Christmas promotion, Super Street: The Game will be available at a 50% discount for a limited time! This promotion will start from the 20th of December and will run on all platforms. You can order it through our websiteGet it now and start building your ultimate ride!

Do you want to share your opinion about the December update, give new suggestions for new updates or share the ride you’ve built? Join our official Discord channel and chat with us and other car enthusiasts! You can also contact us through our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter channels or mail us at:

We want to thank you for all the honest feedback, involvement and support we’ve received from all of you in 2018! We’re excited and look forward to bring even more updates to Super Street: The Game in 2019!

Super Street: The Game
14 dec 2018