Official Update on Super Street: The Game

Today, we unfortunately have to announce that Super Street: The Game will have a small delay. This means our upcoming street racer will now release on the 11th of September for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC-Steam. 

We are forced to push the release date by one week, due to unforeseen technical difficulties. This is – unfortunately – something, that is entirely out of our hands. We can imagine your disappointment, as this is something we share. Our crew has been working day after day on this project for the past two years and has been eagerly looking forward to the release. Therefore we apologize and hope you can wait for just one more week, until you can start building your own street racer.

With the release of Super Street: The Game coming up, we’ve already sent out some copies to multiple content creators. We will continue do so even more, so you can already find out more about our game. Would you like to know what they think about the game? Check out some of their videos below!

In the meanwhile, our team continues to work on new features, game modes, cars and of course improvements based on community feedback, and more for the upcoming period!

Thank you all for your continued passion and support for our project.  Without you we couldn’t get this far. We can’t wait to see you build your dream ride in just one more week!

Valentijn van der Lende
3 sep 2018