The First Update for Super Street: The Game is Available Now

Start up your game and get ready to reel in the first free update for Super Street:  The Game! Today we bring the first update in which we introduce several - many requested - new and improved features. All of these are driven by the community, as nothing is more important than your feedback.

This first update brings many gameplay changes, fixes and several new features. This include big changes to the car physics, new engine sounds, re-balanced AI and many more. We even added some features that weren't in our announcement.

You can find the complete content list for the update down below:

Gameplay Adjustments
* Major car physics update (understeering/oversteering, handbrake, downforce and more)
* Re-balancing of the AI
* New controller layout - new input for nitrous
* Improvements to the reverse functionalities
* Auto respawn when car is upside down

Localisation bug Portuguese language
* Issues with engine/music volume

New features
* Steam cloud saving (PC-Steam only)
* Easy restart career functionality
* Option to hide the crewmembers in the  garage
* Option to change intensity of motion blur effect
* New engine sounds per engine
* Implemented localization for Simplified Chinese
* Improved visual quality of car parts
* Update to UE 4.20

This is just the first update, and it's only the beginning! We look forward to keep updating and improving the game to make it even better. So stay tuned to get more information about all the new content you can expect!

Do you want to share your opinion about the update, give new suggestions or share the ride you've built? Join our official Discord channel and chat with us and other car enthusiasts! You can also mail us at:

We thank you for all of your honest feedback, involvement and support we received so far!

Team Super Street: The Game
22 okt 2018