Tuner Talks #1 - Exploring the Customization with our Veteran Engineer, Andrew Brown

What’s a Super Street game without the possibility to tune your car in just the way you want? We know, right? That’s exactly why Super Street: The Game will be all about customizing your beloved ride! Starting from scrap, you’ll be able to collect tons of parts and create something that completely fits your style. From the brands and parts you prefer, to the colors and even the materials of these parts. It’s all about your choice!

This doesn’t work by itself though and therefore it’s crucial to have a good working system. One of the most important guys working on this, is our very own veteran engineer Andrew Brown. He cut his teeth in the game industry over fifteen years ago, and has since then worked on various racing titles like Shift 2: Unleashed and Wheelman. Besides that, he has even worked on the Unreal Engine 4 itself so knows how to get the best out of this engine. We sat down with him to ask just how much we can expect of the customization. Enjoy!

Valentijn van der Lende
8 jan 2018