Tuner Talks #2 - Checking up with our pro car modeler, Tim Brown

If there is something Super Street fans love, it’s driving around in absolute style! Therefore we’re doing everything we can to present you some real works of art in Super Street: The Game. One of the guys who is working on some very unique rides is our veteran car modeler Tim Brown.

Since Tim has worked on tons of great racing titles in the past, like the CSR Racing Games and even the classic Project Gotham Racing 3, he knows like no other how to create something absolutely different. This week we were lucky enough to steal some of his time and ask him about the sweet rides he’s been cooking up for you guys. Enjoy!

What are you working on right now?

Tim: I’m currently working on a collection of special event cars. These will be special over-the-top vehicles you’ll be able to use in several unique tuner events in the game. One of those events for example is SuperiLL, where you’ll be able to show off what you and this car are made off.

How do they differ from the regular tuner cars in the game?

Tim: For starters, you’ll only be able to use them during certain events in the game. These special cars are a fun extra in the game to keep it fresh and provide a change of pace while playing. The rides themselves are loosely based on real-world vehicles but they have one subtle different: their extreme factor is turned up to 11! So these cars are more designed in a more roadkill style. They provided me the creative freedom to come up with some awesome designs.


Why did you want to work on Super Street: The Game?

Tim: The opportunity to join this project couldn’t have come at a better time.  I was just looking for a new challenge with some more creative freedom than I had for the last few years, so my interest got really piqued when I heard about Super Street: The Game. Taking my industry experience and background in racing games into account, while also being a real car enthusiast, it became obvious that this project was definitely right up my street.

What makes these cars more special than cars for any other, perhaps generic, racing game?

Tim: Well, the cars I’m working on are a little different than the rest of the vehicles in the game.  As I mentioned, some of the concepts are pretty crazy and, as a bit of a petrol head myself with a strong interest in automotive design, this aspect really excites me.  It’s a lot of fun to be able to ramp up the coolness factor and making it extreme whilst still keeping within the realms of reality!

What was your biggest challenge in creating these cars?

Tim: One the reasons I was so keen to work on Super Street: The Game is that the quality bar for the project is really high. This basically means I’ve got the opportunity to make some really ace looking stuff! It’s great to be involved in this process, but it sometimes proves to be a challenge to maintain that consistent high quality level across the board while working with the deadlines. I can assure though, that I’m very proud of the visual results we’ve been achieving.

Well, this is it for this week! I simply can’t wait to ride around in one of the sick cars Tim has been working on. If you feel the same, keep following us because we’ll be sharing a lot more in the coming while! Stay up to speed and follow Super Street: The Game on Instagram and Twitter, like us on Facebook, and visit the official website! Also: don’t hesitate to ask us your questions!

Valentijn van der Lende
15 jun 2018