Second Update Super Street: The Game Coming in December

Several weeks ago, we released our very first update! In this update we improved several of the most requested features and brought several new ones. It was great to see and hear that most of you like the gameplay a lot better now! Of course, this was just the first step as a lot more is still to come. That’s why today it’s finally time to share more information on the new update that’s coming to Super Street: The Game!

First, let’s kick off with some background information: thanks to the feedback we’ve received from all of you since the very start, we learned one the most important lessons. Whatever we release, we need to make sure that it’s good, otherwise we shouldn’t release it. Therefore we’re pushing the original planned November update back a bit longer, until we’re happy with it and we know it’ll satisfy our community.

Of course we don’t want to keep you waiting. That’s why this December, we will give you a new update! For this new update we have some big and some small things coming up. The biggest addition, is an all-new car which can be used in several parts of the game! We are really excited to share thing with you guys, and we hope you’ll like this addition too.

As mentioned, this is just an update for now! Our team is working hard to finish this December update soon and has already started to work on the next update. This update is based on all of the feedback we’ve collected, and will bring some very often requested features! Stay tuned, as a a lot more content and updates will come to Super Street: The Game!

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We thank you for all of your honest feedback, involvement and support we received so far!

Team Super Street: The Game
23 nov 2018